My Story

Honestly, I never knew I could even start a blog, I spoke about it over the years with my bestfriend, and she would encourage me to just give it a shot. In May 2015 I sat beside her on the couch and it came to the point where I said I wanted to setup my page. I did some research and I decided to sign up with The next step was trying to figure out a name for my blog. We came up with the name thepetagayefiles who knew I would use my own name to establish my first blog page. I grew up in Jamaica, and I never thought about expressing myself through fashion. Moving away gave me opportunities I never thought were possible, and faith  in God surely played a major part in taking this chance. I feel empowered to share my style, and express myself not only in words, but through pictures. Who would of thought that anybody would even like or comment on my pictures , and even follow my blog. I am truly grateful and I just wanted to thank everybody.



Taking A Chance


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